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Brainbyte Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Our CRM takes into account every stage of a sales lifecycle to offer an integrated solution. It automatizes order management for the organisation, handles customer requests, delivers and tracks shipment, processes various payments and converts leads into successful orders.

Inventory / Order / Accounts Management ERP

BrainByte’s ERP helps businesses to manage their inventory, orders, and accounts in an efficient & affordable manner. It also presents data in global real-time enabling companies to address concerns promptly. Some functions enabled by the ERP include processes under order management, tracking of orders and flow of products, invoice creation, and packaging, and handling accounts and generating user-specific reports.


Office Pro

Office Pro is an integrated service that simplifies complicated and time-consuming documentation processes and unifies key processes. This unique software includes diary/dispatch, files, circulars, bill processing, eDocs, and gate passes for employee use.

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